GRRRRR – Why PS-Design is Down

Posted on Aug 23, 2009 in Blog, Website/Blog Changes, Work | No Comments

Today I was all excited to launch version 3.0 of the PS-Design website, upon uploading my files to my usual destination and when I went to preview it live, I encountered a “403 Forbidden” error. So I looked this up and what to do about it. I found this explanation and attempted to do a “chmod” fix, changing the properties of the new files from permissions numeric value 700 or 600, which only allows me to see it when I’m logged into the server. I tried to change the setting to 755, which would allow everyone to read my files and therefore make them show up.

When I tried to do this via the ftp client, I received a “Response:550 Could not change perms on…” upon researching this cryptic response I have found it affecting people a dozen different ways. For me it occurs every time I try to change the attributes of files or directories I have uploaded to the site which now are default set to 600 or 700 apparently…
I have called in my heavy hitting problem solvers, told the owner of our hosting to file a support ticket and await a solution… which I hate doing. I still have a few other ways of logging in to change the permissions to try but I am thinking of coming up with a temporary hosting solution for PS-Design.
As of now the site is effectively down. I hope to relocate it and have it up and running with a sexy new design ASAP.

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