Highly Reccomended

Posted on Jan 7, 2010 in Blog, Professional, Website/Blog Changes, Work | No Comments

In my continuing mission to build and expand my web-presence, I got one of those LinkedIn professional social networking accounts. There are some pretty nifty features on LinkedIn, like the widgets to tie it in with other accounts, and the way it extracts information from an imported resume. I have had my account for a while and although I have not found many past classmates or colleagues online, I have connected with a lot of people who have worked with me before, taught me or collaborated with me.

One of the more interesting features is the recommendations section, where other people you have linked with can write recommendations for work they have done with you in the past or projects you did for them or how you were in school. So far I have gotten two of my employers, my current supervisor and a past freelance client to recommend me – and it feels pretty good to have people say such nice things. So far I have not used LinkedIn to actually get a job or new clients but it has served to increase traffic and exposure to my other sites. I am not sure if this will be one of those accounts I barely touch or barely sign out of, but it’s at least another pretty icon in my menu. 🙂

And speaking of pretty icons, you will notice that from now on my blog posts will feature a “+Share” button at the end. This is so folks can share any of my ever-so-scintillating posts with the entire universe (should they be so inclined) … also it looks cool.

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