Catch Wreck Music 5

Posted on Jan 17, 2010 in Blog, Website/Blog Changes, Work | No Comments

After a marathon work session,Catch Wreck’s Website version 5.0 is up and along with it, a matching blog, twitter and bandcamp page as part of a push to unify Catch’s brand and the promotion campaign for his Debut EP: Violence Transformed. One of my favorite things to do is use my website and my peoples’ websites as test grounds for new and improved designs. Catch was my original “client” – before he had money to spend and before I had skills to market – making CD covers, posters and other materials for him were some of the first projects I got practical experience from.

With this design we used new photography by A. Garcia of catch to create a dark clean template then kept the orange/yellow accents in matching the EP cover. The Blog is still highly in progress but it is at the very least functional and running. Also on deck is a revisit to the myspace, youtube and other social media. In terms of content changes to the site we added a discography, favorite blog links, new music player and new contact features.
It’s tremendous for me to see how far we’ve come – Jesse has been my life-long friend and to see how seriously he pursues his music, and the quality of what he is now producing inspires me to pursue mastery of my own craft. As this is version 5 of the site it has come a long way from my experimental starts and is a much better reflection on my design and coding skills than some of my earlier efforts.

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