Blogger Releases Pages Feature

Posted on Feb 6, 2010 in Blog | No Comments

It’s been a long time coming. Blogger has for a long time been one of the few blog platforms that did not support the creation of static “pages” that people can use to make their blog act more like a traditional website. Now they have released this feature. For us developers and bloggers though, this is a great thing. I have been forced to do creative things like use posts as “pages” for some of the sites I have done but now actually having this feature supported directly from the blogger dashboard is going to make things a lot easier… One of the trends I have noticed is the use of blogs as an alternative to hand coded HTML or other kinds of web sites. The way that everything is contained remotely, without having to pay for a server, the way blogs are naturally easier to update and continually change, the mix of both active and static content all contribute to the Blog’s ability to be a very versatile way to construct a web site.

For a longer description of what pages are and how to use them, check out the posts about it on:
Blogger Buzz Blog
But given the number of websites I have seen based on highly modified blog templates and fully utilizing the features of a blog service, the possibilities seem endless.

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