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Posted on Feb 7, 2010 in Blog, Website/Blog Changes, Work | No Comments

Pen and Sword Political Pirates is an art collective / design company I established long ago as a catchall for my political / street art work and the graphic and web design I was doing for different community organizations, movements etc. It has since expanded to include other young, motivated and socially concerned artists and designers who want to use their work to empower those doing the good work in their communities.

I have been flirting with several different options as I think about the next phase in the ever-evolving design of the political pirates website. One version was to go super clean and moder with it, something akin to the latest intro video we were playing with however there was dissent in the ranks as many people liked the more grungy/stenciled/graphical style we have currently.

With the arrival of blogger pages, I decided to finally create a political pirates blog and to style it to coordinate with our current site. I am now leaning towards slowly tweaking the blog and rebuilding the current site in a similar look and feel, but with cleaner markup, a better, simpler layout and less extra elements.
For now though I am happy to be able to use the to house updates and more frequently changed information while I work on making the site more streamlined and efficient as well as share music, cool art and artists/designers, resources for activists and organizers, links, videos and anything else that might fall into that umbrella that Political Pirates strives to be.

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