A Music Mastermind

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In 1997 when I was but a lad of 8 a movie was released called Masterminds. It was quite possibly one of the dumbest movies ever made. From a pre-columbine world where nuts with guns in schools was still acceptable fodder for flicks, Masterminds was a movie about Ozzy, the quintessential angsty teen anti-hero who uses the same delinquent tactics that keep him in trouble with teachers to foil the plans of a British corporate security guy (played by Patrick Stewart) who takes over a prestigious private school (the one Ozzy was expelled from) to hold the millionaires heirs for ransom. Well, when I was young this was a foundational movie for me. One of those movies you watch a million times and you know exactly where it is in the video store (back when we had video stores), a movie I remade a million times over while playing- casting myself as the skateboarding (tho I was on rollerblades), walkie-talkie having, computer hacking hero who saves the people who have tried to thwart him all his life. The badass kid who does the right thing.

So this incredibly cheesy movie had an equally cheesy soundtrack. Needless to say I loved those songs just as much as I loved the movie and pretending to be a hated-on hacker with a heart. When your young a lot of things are better than they can seem later in life. So after finding and playing the old VHS tape I had of lying around, I decided to look up the best songs I remembered. After a moments research I found the original 90’s era videos and was taken aback by their continued awesomeness.
Stabbing Westward – What do I Have to Do?

Birdbrain – Youth of America

Now I don’t know if I just like them because I know them from my childhood or if they really are amazing feats of musical composition. My usually crstal clear judgment grows fuzzy when nostalgia kicks in but I’m inclined to say these songs are at least everything I thought they were when I was 8.

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