When things go wrong

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I’m somewhat accustomed to dealing with loss when it comes to my work. I have lost sketchbooks, half full of drawings I spent hours on, broken every external hard drive I have had because I believe them when they say portable, had two computers stolen, had backups fail and servers crash.

Still its one of those things that sucks no matter how many times you go through it.
So I had been having intermittent start-up issues when my Gateway Tablet finally decided to go. Although it is still under warranty, the process for cleaning off my files and returning it to god knows where for service will take several weeks. In the middle of a semester, several freelance projects and creative streak of working on my own projects, being computer-less is not an option for me right now so I broke down and got a replacement machine to get me through.
I’m a pretty frugal when it comes to what I call entertainment and other non-essential items – more like I know how to have fun without spending a whole lot to do so. When my house was robbed and I lost most of my video games, I contemplated replacing them with a NEW system – upgrading. In the end I bought another controller and a few of my old favorites – and that was more than enough to fulfill my gaming needs. Primarily I attribute this to my upbringing, in a household where you bought and cooked food in bulk, ate out or did take-out as a treat, bought new shoes when the old ones developed holes – not so much a stinginess on the part of my folks but a recognition that you don’t need to buy shit to be happy – that buying shit doesn’t make you happy.
I suppose this makes me a terribly bad American – I may be the cause of the recession, I may be accused of having Scroogely qualities, but when random technology problems arise I’m grateful I learned how to save up for a rainy day.
Yesterday was all cats and dogs. Literally. After reaching the limits of patience and insanity (by the definition of trying the same again thing expecting different results) I gave up on my computer magically working on its own and brought it in to get the data retrieved from the hard drive. Then in the POURING rain I walked over to Micro Center and picked myself up a refurbished Gateway – no tablet feature but it is new (to me) and has Windows 7 which I have to say is WAYYYYYY better than Vista. So – when disaster strikes, I guess I’m prepared to do what is necessary to keep my business, work and projects from taking the hit… and at the end of the day I get a shiny new computer out of it too.

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