Don’t Quit Your Day Job(s)

Posted on Jul 2, 2010 in Blog, Professional, Work | No Comments

This week was unusually busy for me – both at my 9-5 jobs and outside. Usually, and not that I am complaining, things are fairly calm at my work. Not since last summer, when we were pulling 6 day weeks to finish have things really been stressful. There has been a manageable level of work which has slowly but surely gotten done. But this week some exciting stuff happened. At my BU job, working for the Metropolitan College Marketing Department, we launched a redesigned site on Wednesday. This site was just starting to come together at the beginning of my time in that office, and it is satisfying to see it come all the way to a successful launch. While I was not involved with the design process of this site, I was part of the production team which spent days clicking through page after page, updating content, adding images and fine tuning SEO. For me it was also an opportunity to familiarize myself with the WordPress cms. I am fairly comfortable working on a content management platform after spending months wrangling BMC,s RedDot and tweaking countless blogger and wordpress theme, but it was impressive to see a well utilized, well planned out set of themes and plugins applied to such a large and content heavy site – in terms of courses, programs, downloadable forms and so on. I have a better grasp of how these systems are put together and how to design and edit sites built on this kind of a platform. More than that, I’m just glad to have been part of a project that has been so long in the making. The new is a huge leap forward from the previous incarnation of the site, so its nice to finally have all of that implemented and live on the web – not just our development server.

At my other job, in the Boston Medical Center development office, one of the print pieces we have been working on for a while is finally posted in the lobby of the Yawkey Ambulatory Center. As part of a campaign to raise awareness about breast cancer and encourage screenings, I was tasked with designing a large poster. The poster coordinates with other pieces (like bags for the pharmacy) and uses a vector illustration I drew. While this was not the most creative design project I’ve ever gotten, it was a break from what I typically do, so I feel like it was a good challenge for me. I know I can make an in-your-face poster that makes you want to come scream at the state house, but doing something within an already established brand, for a much different venue and target audience gave me a better appreciation for the way things work in a large institution environment. Definitely a great experience.

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