Game Elevation

Posted on Jul 8, 2010 in Blog, Professional, Work | No Comments

Yesterday we finally got our business cards for Scope Urban Apparel. I took this opportunity to also get new personal business cards. I guess this is part of my continued effort to refine / improve my personal brand as well as the ones I am developing as their own entities (like Scope or Political Pirates).

For my card and the Scope card, the approach was keep it simple. Anyone who has seen my previous business card (designed in high school to match my first web site) will recognize this as a departure from what I was doing initially. My card is pretty boring, just clean and easy to look at. With Scope though, I wanted to make it be very professional but also reflect (and contribute to) the look I am developing for the company. So our products and site feature the magnifying glass motif pretty heavily, so it was fun to work that in on the back in a playful way, magnifying the .com.

Goal this time around: pass out all my cards BEFORE I get sick of the design.

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