Making Up for Lost Time

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This past weekend me and my Mother Esther ventured up to Maine to a cabin on a lake – no TV, no cell service – no wifi – just us and some boats and the water and some books and some chairs – PERFECT. This trip was really a blessing as Es was unable to attend the Niederkorn Family Reunion in Blackduck, since she had to attend to our now-on-the-mend dog Blizzard. We set very good attainable goals for our selves: Have fun; Don’t Stress; Rent a motorboat; Have fun. Pretty straightforward. And when you make a good plan it’s easy to make it work.

We drove up Friday night – listening to a shared music playlist featuring the entire Roots album, Billie Holiday and whatever stations we could pick up along the way. Silence and talking was good too. By the time we got there I was nodding off. We pulled down the ridiculously steep driveway , unloaded into the beautiful cabin, and headed down to the dock. In the night away from the city you can see so many stars, the variations in thickness becomes visible with layers of stars beyond stars, in clusters of their own. On top of that we were given a spectacular shooting star show – featuring one that fell up and another which flared right through the middle of the sky above our heads – so good sign for how the weekend would go.

Saturday Esther woke up early and picked up the boat rental and drove it through the lake to our dock where I jumped on board and we took off – in search of breakfast and my sunglasses, left in the car at the marina. we boated the long way out, tied up at the dock and went into town for breakfast. We spent most of the day like that, boating from one part of the lake to the other, hopping out a couple of times to go get food or get out of the sun. We made a few stops at some of the many antique shops which populate the area – which had great cheap comics and VHS tapes. The boat was by far the highlight of the trip, and something we want to do again. Both Es, and I had a blast driving it – and while she is quite nautically experienced, it was my first time really figuring out how to drive one, fast – which is so fun. We had to return it by 5 leaving us an evening to hang out, relax with as few electronics as possible and just enjoy spending time together.

Sunday, we hit another string of Antique / Junk shops, one of which had dozens of sequential issues of comics for like 50 cents. Needless to say, I stocked up, bringing some 80 comics home, all for about 45 bucks. By the time we got back to the cabin, it was about mid-day and we spent the rest of it enjoying the lovely weather from the porch or big adirondack chairs outside, squeezing out every last drop of tranquility until we had to pack up and head home in time for the work week.

This was a trip that has been a long time coming, and it was exactly what we needed to do – great way to end the summer.

As usual, there was a post-vacation work binge (and blog vacuum) both of which I hope to address shortly, but the weekend itself was about as relaxing of a trip as you can get and I am grateful to have found that a few weeks before I go into my last year of college. Good family time isn’t hard to do, its hard to make time for, something I gotta be better about.

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