The New Busy

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So I thought I was busy before, when I was just doing my day job and my design work and my tee shirt company and my organizing. Enter into the mix: School. So I’ve been just readjusting my priorities now that I have new projects and work. So far my classes have all been great – I’ve had one of each of Printmaking, Typography, Information Design, History of Graphic Design and Graphic Design studios. It looks like its going to be a fun and challenging semester.

This labor day weekend was great – I provided a more in depth and photo heavy recap on the Scope Blog. There are also photos on the Scope facebook fan page. We spent a lot of it networking and building with cats about everything from music hip-hop and the scene in Boston, to fashion, art and entrepreneurialism. Friday and Saturday we put the Scope Tees on consignment in our first physical store and opened a facebook web store in addition to the store on our website. We also placed the orders for the next tees to come out – I’ll let you wait and wonder.

Saturday was also the day Catch performed at the Boston common and we went deep to support and enjoy the gorgeous weather. Later that night a group of us went out to Dane‘s Video Party at Sammy’s Patio in Revere. It was pretty chilly and windy on the water but it was a good night with a good mix of people.

I spent Sunday and Monday doing the homework I have been given already and cleaning my room, putting away clothes and otherwise getting my self ready for the semester. Tonight local filmmaker Rene Dongo‘s “Three Witnesses” by Sofia Snow is being shown at the MFA – be sure to see this and his other videos “The Audacity of Hope” and “Fight Back” on Friday and Saturday respectively.

Also, on Monday, had a chance to build face to face with Mike Norman of SoChange, a local initiative to mobilize economic power within communities for the benefit of the community. The pilot program is being rolled out in J.P. and will hopefully be a great way to find out how to spread this idea further. I am excited to be working with them on some visual design stuff but also to just to give some general feedback on such a dope program.

So yea, lots of exciting things on the way – I hope I have time to write about it all.

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