Advertising without posters is like fishing without worms

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“Advertising without posters is like fishing without worms” ~The Hatch Brothers

This nugget of marketing wisdom is one of the many quotations on the walls accompanying the Hatch Show Print traveling exhibit which is currently at BU. I dropped by the gallery to take advantage of this opportunity to see the work of the Hatch Show Print Shop up close and in person. I had been familiar with the style and work of Hatch, ever since I bought an incomplete box of postcards of Hatch posters at a yard sale. Seeing it in real life, at full size, however, was incomparable. Hatch is a working letterpress shop whose extraordinary posters defined the visual look of some of America’s greatest moments in music and history. Their enduring style and techniques survive to this day, using movable letterpress type and hand cut wood blocks to create amazing posters.

While it was awesome to see the beautiful colorful posters full size, I think my favorite part was being able to look at some of the actual blocks they used and the hands on mode of making. In this digital era of pixels and vectors,  it is refreshing to see people still working with physical materials and their own two hands.

I found this cool video about Hatch while writing this:

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