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There’s been a million things going on so I’m finally getting around to putting up a few pics from Saturday’s trip to the Rob Stull Signing at The Million Year Picnic, one of the oldest local comic shops. I try to go to most of the events I design stuff for but I really look forward to Rob’s events. I’ve always loved comics and there’s nothing quite like seeing the original book art. The signing coincided roughly with the release of Black Comix, an extraordinary artbook in which Rob is one of 50 featured artists. It’s an awesome book so make sure you cop it.

Me, Jero, Rob Stull

I was glad my some of the team could come too, and the Scope shirts, especially Steal Art Make Money, were something we talked about a lot. The event seemed to be a hit and the tiny store was packed the whole time we were there. Of course I couldn’t leave without getting SOMEthing – call it a comic shop tradition.

This time I went with The New Avengers Illuminati book which happens in the middle of the Skrull Invasion story. It’s a short piece collecting several stories about the covert activities of the leaders of the super-hero world: Iron Man, Professor Xavier, Black Bolt, Dr. Strange, Mr. Fantastic and Namor.

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