C’mon and Raise Up

Posted on Oct 13, 2010 in Blog, Personal | 2 Comments

For the long weekend I took a little trip to Ashville NC to visit a friend who attends school there. I’ve never been to North Carolina, or anywhere in “the South” for that matter and I was excited to see a new part of the country. It was great to reconnect with my friend, and meet all of her friends and the community she has built down there – a bunch of easy going, funny and eco-conscious folks. Its funny how there are dorks of all trades, and it was cool to see people geek out on sustainability and forestry, farming and plantlife: It made my passion for design stuff seem a little less eccentric. More than that, it was a literal breath of fresh air to get out of Boston and spend some time in beautiful mountains. I have waaaaay too much work to do now that I’m back but being able to forget life and have a little adventure was exactly what I needed.

While I was there, I got to see my friend go through her NSS, a high pressure  presentation / final project / culmination of independent research that science majors at her school (Warren Wilson) do in their senior year. It’s awesome to see someone I have grown up with in their element, ready to go out into the world and kicking ass at whatever it is they are interested in. Whether its design or partridge berries or hip-hop, we’re finding where we belong and what we are meant to do and its a really exciting time.

Ashville, tho I didn’t spend much time there, seems like a great little town – although the airport is so tiny you sometimes get a scary old school plane. First time on a turbojet and all I can say is don’t worry what it sounds like, just know you’ll land and you will.


  1. nick fountain
    October 18, 2010

    I got to visit her in the Outer Banks this summer with 'Big Jake'. Brought me back..

  2. Jake Leidolf
    October 19, 2010

    word – sounds like y'all had a good trip tho


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