Rest in Peace

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Some weeks are just full of terrible news.

Last Wednesday, our dear family friend Amy Grabel passed away after battling cancer for years. I consider Amy part of the village that raised me, and her death is very sad for the friends and community who loved her. She was a warm, generous soul, dedicated activist and community member, teacher, artist and fabulous cook who often invited her friends over to share her home. I feel blessed to have known her and find it hard to believe such a good person is gone.

This weekend’s violence struck close to home for many of my friends who grew up with one of the victims, Tito, and the cycle of violence and grief that plagues our city is wearing so thin. Its incredibly frustrating / heartbreaking to watch time and again senseless death go unchecked by ever-increasing police presence and countless pleads for peace, while the root problems continue to fester.

And then on Sunday night I got a call from a friend who had been watching the news about the death of Josh Stimpson, a kid I met working at BU who had just graduated last may. We had been doing freelance web design projects together and he was helping us when he could with coding and development and some of the business stuff for Scope Apparel. He had just started his job at a consulting firm and was excited to be starting his life. My heart goes out to his parents and family. It’s not ever supposed to happen like that and the loss of such a bright young life so early is tragic.

At this point I don’t know what to think except to be grateful for the friends, family and loved ones I have, and the time I have to spend with them, and to hang on to the memories I have of the people we’ve lost.

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