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I have found that the amount of things I am doing and the frequency of my blog postings seem to be inversely proportional. I have recently been swamped with a million wonderful things, to the point that I am am unable to write about any of it until now. I bought my own hosting, opening the door for a series of website redesign and an online home for our unofficial umbrella Grassroots Grind Group. I started with Scope Urban Apparel, converting a separate blog, website and store into one cohesive site. It was a great site to practice on because it was so complex, needing tabs, contact forms, an ecommerce and shopping cart system, a blog, static pages. I figured out how to transfer blogger into wordpress properly.

On the scope front, we also got a new shipment of tees, 14 designs in both male and female cuts. We spent the better part of a weekend shooting models for each design and shots for our lookbook. My dude Byrd hooked up a commercial to advertise using footage from our trip to the shop where they were printed. All of this was made possible by my purchase of a new camera, my holiday / new years gift to myself. I got a Nikon DSLR that can also shoot HD video. So far we’ve used it to do several photoshoots and a video for Catch Wreck’s Concerto. I am notoriously cheap, so making a big purchase like this is somewhat out of character for me but I am really happy I did. It is making a lot of things possible or easier.

Last week my last semester as an undergrad at BU started and I am really excited for what is to come. I am taking three classes this semester, giving myself a bit of a break and allowing myself to really focus on my studio work. I will be splitting my time between printmaking and my senior graphic design thesis project. We are just in the beginning phases of defining our projects but I already have a lot of ideas and things I hope to try accomplish with my work. I am eager to spend my school time on some of the things  I am passionate about and got me into design in the first place.

And today I finally got around to relaunching my own website on the wordpress platform. Again, my old blog and site are now consolidated into one place and updated visually to better match the branding I established for myself with my business cards. I based it off of the Imbalance theme by WP Shower. As usual, I need to add more pieces to the portfolio and more sites to the links but it is fleshed out enough to go live. So, from now on, if I ever get a moment to blog again, it will be found here.

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