1Tyme4UrMind – Catch Wreck x Rah Intelligence x Rene Dongo

Posted on Jan 25, 2011 in Blog, Interesting Stuff | No Comments

On his birthday, my man Catch Wreck released his latest video 1Tyme4UrMind, the second leak off of his new project ADHD. Again, stellar production by Rah Intelligence of Retrospek. This time I got a cameo. As usual, Rene Dongo came through and killed it with the filming and editing. With this video they were trying some more abstract storytelling and symbolism and I really like the affects they achieved. The images are very ambiguous and mysterious yet perftectly suited to the song. I am a huge fan of Rene’s work, and now I better appreciate how he works, even if I don’t understand it. I had no idea what he was going for, or what shots he was trying to get when he was filming me, it was more like: “ok, so now hold the painting in front of your face, now move it.” “like this?” “nah do it again. ok perfect. now go draw.” At the end of it all, I was pleasantly surprised to see all the random stuff materialize into a seamless, visually stunning piece to accompany one of my favorite songs off of the project.

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