Let’s Be Real

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The other night my man Rey Leon hit me up about a track he was trying to lay down THAT NIGHT. Soulja Boy had said “F**k the FBI and army troops” inspiring the infantry to respond. With a beat from Illy Sav, D made his crushing response and asked me about a video. Now Soulja boy had the F the Feds part right, but despite all my objections to our country’s militarism and tendency to flex our muscles all over the globe – I still have a tremendous amount of respect and gratitude for the men and women who have to do the dirty work on the ground, no matter how much contempt I may hold for the people above them.

I am not, nor have I ever been, an editor so I said we could do a 1 take video using my camera but that was about it. We ended up getting a little ahead of ourselves, finding out 1 take was out of the question and some degree of editing would have to happen. We then spent the better part of a night fighting with editing software and trying to sync up the lips with the lyrics. The resulting video is now making its rounds on youtube:

For me this was a really fun project – it was a chance to use my new old lenses, – a 50mm manual prime I can’t make focus except by moving myself and a 70mm – 210mm Kiron manual zoomer / macro, both of which I picked out of the trash a few years ago and let sit in a box until I realized they fit my D3100. I think the old manual lenses give the video a different kind of look and are a lot of fun, if a bit frustrating, to work with. I am still no editor but I am liking video more and more. As always, if my people come to me with a project that is interesting I am ready to sacrifice sleep and sanity to make it happen. Also I think this is a great way for Rey Leon to return to music after his tour in Afghanistan.

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