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Last week, only 2 minutes behind schedule, the new went online without a hitch. I have since enjoyed obseissvly watching the analytics and stats creep up and I am so far very pleased with everything.

This has been a project, literally, months in the making. Back in August I started playing with a new theme – from there it was a long process of moving the content, getting the design together, taking new closeup photos of each product, doing and transcribing  inventory – just to get it to the same state of the old site. Next came new features and improvements, like the homepage, the sliders, the artist pages, the scopeeast page, forms, mailing lists, widgets, galleries and a lot more I am forgetting right now. We made changes and tweaks right up until (and after) the launch of the site which was a project in and of itself.

With the site basically ready to go I had enlisted the help of Rene Dongo, who owed me some video work for the web site I made for him, to produce a video for scope. This had long been the plan, but the web site launch gave us the need for a video (or at least an excuse). We already knew we wanted the video to feature and highlight the Scope Artists we promote and sponsor as a brand and also wanted it to serve as a lookbook for our products and the scope lifestyle.

Ever since I heard MBDTF the Samples I loved the surreal musical experience that is Mike Oldfield’s  “In high Places.” I played the track for Rene and we agreed the way it built suspense and energy was perfect for the video but as Rene put it “we needed to bring it up to date” – this task we entrusted to CCR, Scope and Grassroots Gind fam EvillDewer who chopped a version for the video with his distinctive deft touch.

The filming was done during a marathon weekend shoot where we got with over 20 local artists and shot most of the material. Rene as always was fun but enigmatic to work with – leaving me wondering what it would look like even having watched the whole process and talked about concepts and music etc. Once again I was blown away by his ability to take a project and not only  execute it flawlessly but also put his own twist and take on it.

Shout out to everyone who helped throughout this long process – people who were in the video, helped debug the website or count inventory for endless hours. You know who you are. Scope would be nothing without you.

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