I’ve Been Busy, I Swear!

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Once again the things in my life have overtaken my time to the point I do not even write about them on the blog. A lot has happened since we last spoke so let me get straight to the updates:

On the Scope front, we’ve been busy, putting out our Winter / Spring Line and getting ready for Summer / Fall. Our artists continue to make waves and dope music, putting out more projects and doing more shows than we can keep up with – but we try. Find the latest news, events and photos on the Scope Facebook Page or the blog at scopeurbanapparel.com. We have also been working on doing our own events, like Wake up the City on May 5th, which no one should miss, and the Conscious Styles and Conscious Kulturez shows to benefit the Occupy the Hood Boston Feed the Hood / Fill Your Fridge Programs we have been putting in to action.

Work-wise I have continued to take on more design jobs and clients, most recently working for Jane Doe Inc. on a range of materials for their White Ribbon Day Campaign and Advocacy Day, raising awareness about sexual and domestic violence against Women. Other projects include the latest print issue of the Blackstonian and info graphics, flyers etc about 3 Strikes, Stand Your Ground and Occupy the Hood etc., stuff for the show we are Bringing the Last Poets to Boston to do in June, stuff for Voices of Liberation, El Movimiento, YGB, Retrospek, MeTaL, Sweatshop, Anjuli Stars, Catch Wreck, O.T.O and too many more to remember now. I love it all tho… Find more of that stuff over at politicalpirates.com (Also in dire need of an update).

This year I also was blessed with the opportunity to teach a sophomore art elective twice a week my old high school, Fenway High. I was responsible for all instruction, lesson planning etc and it was really a great chance for me to test the waters. I had a blast, working on t-shirts, graphic design, basic drawing and painting and printing and using images to express ideas – much of the content of the class was detirmined by the students and I was impressed with how many took the initiave to come up with intersting projects for themselves. We never had art in any official capacity, even electives when I went to Fenway and one of my dreams has always been to come back and establish an art program so being able to do this was awesome. My students were amazing and I hope to come back next year.

So In short – life is good. Work, Projects, Side Jobs, Businesses – All keeping me busy. Family, Girlfriend, Friends – All keeping me happy and doing well in their own endeavors. Sometimes I wish I had a little more time to sit back and savor it all, but I never want for things to do or people to be with and there is a lot to be said for that.

I will try to update the portfolio next. For updates before another six months go by, check the sites I actually pay some attention to:


Thanks for listening!

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