Label 228

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I am in the process of writing a longer explanation of this for my portfolio, in particular how the cover art came about but until then…

New Scope Music!

label 228

In the early hours between last Thursday and Friday, without warning or much preparation I unleashed the second Scope Tape on the world. It was a project that had literally been years in the making, some of the songs collected right after the first tape dropped in 2012. The tape was mixed by Scope’s resident Evill Genius, EvillDewer who laced the 33 track project with his signature trippy style adding in work of his own among a talented lineup of artists on the rise. From our young cats to artists on the Scope Music roster to some of our inspirations and favorites, the goal of the tape was to showcase music we appreciate and we feel represents the Scope life.

I couldn’t be more pleased with the results and have listened to the tape non-stop all the way through a bunch of times already. One thing I judge any musical project by is whether or not I can press play on it and put my head down and draw, just enjoying a seamless, skipless experience until I look up like “why’d the music stop?” Well this project has that important quality. Shoutout all the artists who were involved and my Scope Family – now go check the project if you haven’t already!

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