Neighborhood Legends

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I finished a painting a couple months ago but today I decided on a title: “Neighborhood Legend” is one of my fav tracks off of Pauze’s latest project Glory Daze (for which I did the Cover Art). The song is dedicated to one of Pauze’s friends from FH, Miz One, who passed a little while back.

While Miz was someone I barely knew, we had people in common, both growing up and hanging out around the Forest Hills end of JP, and the song sends a chill up my spine. Anyone who has lost a friend, especially “before their time” (whatever that means) knows the range of the mix of emotions captured in the song.

This summer, while we were in the midst of keeping track of the shootings in Boston, a particularly shoicking triple homicide occurred inside an apartment on Intervale st. just under a mile from my house. Like the 63 shootings that came before and the hundreds that have happened since, I tried to gather information and report it. It was not until the next day that I was able to put names and faces to the victims. I never imagined it would be names and faces I knew.

Trey. Brugal. That was how I knew knew Felix Garcia and Brian Tirado. I don’t know if I had ever met the third victim, Anna Cruz but Trey and Brugal were friends. I first met them when they came to 10,000 Strong (a gathering we organized to deal with a wide range of community issues, among them violence and guns) and they had supported the event and others every year it happened.

I sort of did this painting for them and for everyone else who has fallen to violence or whatever it may be. One candle for each of them at the street shrine. I now have a title for it: “Neighborhood Legends”

neighborhood Legends

I will be showing this piece alongside other new work Friday, June 27th at Inner Sanctum Studios in Dudley Sq. at the Scope 4 YearMore details on the event >>

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