Portfolio Updates

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On the home front, I have added and reorganized (and alt texted) the portfolio which is up to 40 slides. For one of my clients, Daniel Mora (Slide 2 as of this posting) I have been continuing to make small changes to his website. He is a prospective Harvard student and currently an Ethnic Studies […]

New Website Layout!

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So you may have noticed the new look of my site www.jacobleidolf.com. It is now broken up using simple divs for main content and sidebar areas. The “pages” are actually content panels using spry making a simple, self contained, 1 page website. I also added some new features. The gallery has been revamped using a […]

New Catch Wreck Web Site

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New site design for Catch Wreck Music

Free Palestine

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A New graphic I did reflecting the need for Peace and Justice in Palestine.

Painting Finals

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It’s that end of semester crunch and I have been working on two paintings. The first is a still life of all yellow objects… the assignment itself had limitations to how we could paint and the limited mark required invention to make it work. It was a good challenge and preparatory for the next piece, […]

“Bad artists copy. Good artists steal.” -Pablo Picasso

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I love this quote. It seems to have been written for graphic and web designers of our so called “myspace generation.” Any decent artist learns from, looks up to and in some way emulates his or her peers. Certainly other artist’s works influence the standards to which your works are judged from. So I am […]

Fight the Power!

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On Saturday Oct. 11th, 2008 Voices of Liberation, a community youth organization I work with is holding the Fight the Power Youth Liberation Conference. This event featuring workshops, a panel, of local organizers, educators and activists, special guests, speakers and performers like NYOIL and a show at the end will be going all day Saturday […]

Election Fever

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Yes, as the economy as we know it comes to an end, as wars in foreign lands wage on, as local issues shape people’s daily realities I, like everyone else have been sucked up into the election madness. Although not the election you might be thinking of. Dianne Wilkerson, State Senator since 1993 is pursuing […]


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Blog # 1 I finally broke down and got a blog. I hope it will facilitate me keeping concerned persons more informed on the developments in life. There’s a lot going on on all fronts… school (blah), art, comics, websites, graphic design, work, organizing etc. Just entering sophomore year and I feel as though I […]