A Day in Revere, MA, with Catch Wreck is a promotional video I directed and filmed for the homie Catch Wreck which was edited by Chad Nelson. This was one of those random projects where everything came together and I first off want to thank and acknowledge everyone who was involved: chad, Catch Wreck, Matt O’Neil, Sofija V., Allie G., Lisa H., Matt O’Neil, Lady Emma, SPNDA and O.G. Big Hate.

It started as me joining Catch on an escapade to Revere, which he has been making a lot of since discovering a dope producer and engineer out there, Matt O’Neil. The two have a lot of incredible stuff in the works but more on that when the time comes. Catch had been trying to get me to go with him for a while and this was the day it finally happened. Camera in tow, we took to the Blue line out to the other side. It was one of those deceptively warm days this late winter, when everyone was looking for an excuse to go out, so Revere Beach was actually fairly populated when we arrived. My plan had been to shoot behind-the-scenes shots of Catch’s photo shoot with Sofija V who joined us on the beach in Boston in February like the soldier she is. When I got there, the waves, weird light and Catch’s antics demanded footage so I just started shooting.

After the photo shoot we headed to Matt’s lair where music was worked on and festivities were had. At the end of a long day we took the T home. I had been shooting throughout with the vague idea of doing something with the footage. The answer would come some weeks later when Chad Nelson, a friend and aspiring videographer himself came through and expressed an interest in video work. I showed him the footage, the song I had in mind for it and the idea I was going for – he accepted the challenge of editing it and making the vision reality. A few rounds of drafts and next thing you know we have a video and I salute Chad for making this happen and look forward to work on more projects in the future. It was an awesome experience, to have the freedom to actually not have my ideas be held back by my lack of technical knowledge on how to achieve them, and it was great to see the ideas and additions Chad brought to the table.

Catch, ever the wily marketing strategist choose to release the video, not as a music video (it is just a portion of the song after all) but as a vague promotional video alluding to the multitude of new music he has in the works. Stay tuned at www.catchwreckmusic.com.

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A Day in Revere, MA, with Catch Wreck

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