Y’all Just Been Waitin’

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The last studio session at the bridge yielded fruitful results – you may have already heard the track Waitin’ by Catch Wreck and O.T.O circulating on the web. Now the video documenting the recording is out courtesy of PSwetheBEST and Dante Luna. I’ve certainly been waiting for a Catch/O collabo since I heard the first […]

Uncharted Domains

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This week we picked up a few new domain names for our collective camps. First, El Movimiento, a high school student movement for ethnic studies in the public schools curriculum picked up ethnicstudiesnow.org for their campaign. In the works are a logo, new site design and some tees. Then, my man Catch Wreck got rapperslashblogger.com […]

A Group Team Awesome Production

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Yesterday I finished up my training with Adobe Youth Voices training program which was getting me (and my fellow educators) ready to run our adobe-grant-backed media programs. I will be teaching through Eye to Eye, a media program currently being run for students of the Curley Middle school in Jamaica Plain. The 3 day training program, centered around brainstorming […]

Game Elevation

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Yesterday we finally got our business cards for Scope Urban Apparel. I took this opportunity to also get new personal business cards. I guess this is part of my continued effort to refine / improve my personal brand as well as the ones I am developing as their own entities (like Scope or Political Pirates). […]

No Rest for the Weary

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This “holiday” weekend was a lot of productive and entertaining sleep deprivation. Friday, I reconnected with my team, some of whom have been out of the state (if not the loop) for a while. Then I got some work done for more of DD‘s clients in the ATL music scene. Really though, Friday was about the party, […]

Don’t Quit Your Day Job(s)

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This week was unusually busy for me – both at my 9-5 jobs and outside. Usually, and not that I am complaining, things are fairly calm at my work. Not since last summer, when we were pulling 6 day weeks to finish bmc.org have things really been stressful. There has been a manageable level of work which […]

Los Macheteros

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So it looks like the first design to be printed for Scope Urban Apparel will be the shirt we did commemorating the Macheteros Struggle for the independence of Puerto Rico: R.I.P. Filiberto Ojeda Rios 4/26/33 – 9/23/05 I can’t wait!

Like the PE Logo

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This week we finalized many of the details surrounding the shirt company we’re starting called Scope Urban Apparel. We made vectors of the first two shirt designs and created the first version of the company website, replacing the coming soon page we did several weeks ago. The concept behind the company is to encourage people […]

Weekend Warriors

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This weekend I have been tremendously inspired and energized by all of the powerful work going on in this city. On Friday, El Moviemiento held their first conference for Latin@ Studies in the public schools. Although I only managed to get out of work in time to catch the end, they had a really successful event with […]

Busy Weekend

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One thing I’ve noticed since I’ve been out of school for summer break is how much more productive I am. Not to knock what I produce for school, but its nice to be able to focus on real and tangible projects – especially ones for things I believe in. This weekend a lot of projects I’ve had in the works came […]