Endless Landscape Project

Posted on May 2, 2014 in Blog, Interesting Stuff, Personal, Work | No Comments

About a month or so ago I started a new project: The Endless Scape. It grew out of stickers with cityscapes on them that I have been drawing ever since high school. These early cityscapes have since been scattered to the wind, given away and posted in sketchbooks and throughout the world. While stylistically the start of the Endless Scape may seem indistinguishable from these early stickers, the project itself is a vast departure from these one off images.


So far there are over 60 panels in the Endless Scape, although my plan is to just add to this forever. As each new sticker is drawn, the scene expands, across various kinds of landscapes and through various mediums and styles. My only rules are the format: Label 228 postal stickers and that the scene must continue uninterrupted from one to the next. Other than that I can do anything, go anywhere.

So join me on this journey: endlesslandscapeproject.tumblr.com >

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