• Wasn't Meant to Be

Single cover for SPNDA‘s new track “Meant To Be” featuring Real P. of the Famous Nobodies and Produced by Mark Merren. This track was released as the first exclusive single off of the upcoming Scope Tape.

The thinking behind the cover was this. SPNDA was feeling restless and wanted to drop this song so we needed a cover for it. Other than that there were not many other specific concerns. Left to my own devices I looked through my library of random photos I’ve taken over the years and settled on a suitably ominous and dark shot of an alley at that weird time of day when the streetlights come on but the sky has not darkened. When we moved the title treatment to the top right SPNDA immediately saw the similarity to vinyl album art where a sticker or label would be in the top right for easy browsing. From there it was just a matter of reinforcing the record idea with simulated wear as if it was a physical vinyl sleeve. Pretty happy with how it turned out and excited for the new material.

Go check out the track and stay tuned for the 2nd Scope Tape.

Meant to Be

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