• rob-stull

Finally! After a long time developing and fleshing out the web site for local artist and illustrator Rob Stull, we have finally launched it. Rob is a veteran in the comics industry, working on popular titles from Spiderman to Batman for all the major publishers. He is also a pioneer of fusing hip-hop and graffiti with comics and graphic arts ā€“ through work for major players like Guru and events and shows like Com Nā€™ Graf.

In other words ā€“ this man does web-site worthy sh*t. Unlike many clients who have a lot of coming soon and under development areas when they come to us, Rob has archives of work, press and events demanding documentation. This site is still being updated with a backlog of content ā€“ with more to come in the future as Rob continues to keep busy doing cool stuff. It was a great project and a visually a lot of fun being able to use original comic art for the graphics.

MORE: Rob Stull .com


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