“Send or Erase” is a short story in illustrations dealing with the issues of police brutality, misconduct and use of violence against citizens, disproportionately against people of color and the use of film and video in catalyzing movement. The piece was originally done on a single 24 page paper sample book I picked up from an office mates recycling bin. I did no sketching or planning at first, starting with the first image and deciding it would make a good cover for a story. The narrative took format from there and I sketched out a quick thumbnail layout to figure out how to use the pages. The drawing was all done directly with markers and pens with no sketching or erasing. The piece asks us all to reflect on if we are complicit in state sponsored violence and/or using our power to push for justice and accountability.

This piece was first show at the ‘Against the Wall’ art show on police and policing.

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