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For the single cover for JuneLyfe’s “Stretch” the first song off his forthcoming album ‘Rhytmn iN Black’ I enlisted SofijaV for her stunning photography skills. While it is not our first shoot together it is the first cover we shot that as actually been released that I can think of. (Catch Wreck stop sleepin man!) Given the title and subject of the song we knew we would need another model. Carle Gomes aka CeeGeee is one of my friends from back in the FHS days and I knew she has been working on some incredible yoga and stretching routines via her instagram. It seemed like a natural fit and it was dope she was willing to do it out of the blue so shout out to Carla. Also have to thank Dre of the F.I.T.T. Pit for letting us shoot in his gym. Overall really pleased with this project we did a front and back cover and I designed the grapihcs for the Bandcamp. JuneLyfe had a lot of direct input and collaboration on the art and it is always dope for artists to add their personal touches and collab. This has been literally years in the making and I hope the best for June with this new endeavor as he gears up for his first solo and R&B album.

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