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Cuffing season, otherwise known as that time of year between summers when people quest to find that special someone to cozy up with for the winter, is a well known phenomena of modern romance however its exact origin, rules, customs, timeline and such details remain somewhat ambiguously defined. Enter The Cuffington Post, a project of Dart Adams and the Killer Boom Box crew, the Cuff Post is “Your Cuffing Season Survival Guide.”

Dart elaborates:

Although people often talk about Cuffing Season, few actually define it or talk about it in real detail. Here on KillerBoomBox we’re looking forward to addressing and discussing the trials, tribulations, travails, situations, options and many possible outcomes of this stretch of months. Also, we want to provide content that helps people navigate what can be a stressful and trying time for people looking to find someone. If we can aid Cuffing Season participants to have fun and engage in healthy relationships while avoiding either heartbreak or bullshit in the guise of jerks or disingenuous people then that’s even better.

My contributions to The Cuff Post came when this idea began to make its way onto my twitter feed. I am a fan of indepndent news outlets, espically ones that simultaniously spoof and address serious topics. I wanted to help make The Cuff Post look as official and legit as the media empire its name is a play on. I created a few logos, avatars, graphics and illustrations to give it the branding it lacked. These were applied on twitter, tumblr etc. I was also engaged to visualize the Official 2014 Cuffing Season Calendar. Other fun odds and ends included making pun-nificent supercuffers like Cufftain America or the Powercuff Girls (which can be seen on Instagram)


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