• MeTaL - What Should I Call This MixTape
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  • Save Hip-Hop
  • MBTA Music
  • t-passes
  • charlie-card

For Scope fam MeTaL aka RiP‘s debut mixtape “What Should I Call This Mixtape?” I worked on album art and covers for the singles. The cover was a lot of fun, we broke a cassette tape and arranged the pieces into Metal’s signature [! _ !] logo, then shot it. I really like doing covers that get me away from the screen for most of the process.

For the singles it was a mix of photo and photoshop. “Save Hip-Hop” got a superman style Metal face with a Scope Music logo in the form of the old DC comics emblem. “MBTA Music,” a hilarious spin off of “Aston Martin Music” features a photo of the old T passes (when they were colorful and had some character) laid out to provide a solid field of texture behind the lettering. We also re-designed a charlie card to use for online promo.

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What Should I Call This Mixtape?

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