Trouble with tradition

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When I was a kid holidays were ranked according to which brought the most presents. Birthdays, Christmas, going to our friends Seder for Passover. As I’ve gotten older, presence has taken precedence over presents and I am glad to have traditions to cling to and perhaps pass on. Still, we’ve never been too traditional in […]


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Again I find myself bewildered by where to start now that I have some time to get back to my blog. Its been a crazy month. I am finally done with my semester, which ended well though with a frenzy of projects, studying and crits. I am still waiting to pick up some of my work and document what […]

Rest in Peace

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Some weeks are just full of terrible news. Last Wednesday, our dear family friend Amy Grabel passed away after battling cancer for years. I consider Amy part of the village that raised me, and her death is very sad for the friends and community who loved her. She was a warm, generous soul, dedicated activist and […]

Making Up for Lost Time

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This past weekend me and my Mother Esther ventured up to Maine to a cabin on a lake – no TV, no cell service – no wifi – just us and some boats and the water and some books and some chairs – PERFECT. This trip was really a blessing as Es was unable to […]

A Tale of Two Weeks

Posted on Aug 12, 2010 in Blog, Personal, Professional, Website/Blog Changes, Work | 2 Comments

Well I have been seriously neglecting my blog and a lot has been happening so a recap is long overdue. I spent the first week of august in Scenic Blackduck, MN, a town and lake in northern Minnesota, at the 2nd Niederkorn Family Reunion in celebration of my grandfather’s 80th birthday. We did this for […]

And I’m Legal

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At exactly 12:01 on Monday, July 19, I got a phone call, from across the globe (12 hr. time difference), from a very special person, wishing me a happy birthday and wanting to hear my voice. That set the tone for what has been a fantastic birthday week. Thank you to all my loved ones and […]

Worlds Collide

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I always love it when I can get all my different circles of friends together in one space. This past weekend, my dear mother broke in her BRAND NEW Propane Grill – (call it a mid-life crisis) hosting a cookout for some of the neighbors, friends of the family and my boys. As always there […]

Man’s Best Friends

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About 10 years ago our friends (now neighbors) called us up frantically asking us to take in two kittens they had found dumped out of a car in front of their house. They were headed out of town but had found two abandoned, weeks-old kittens the morning they were supposed to leave. We were supposed to […]

First time for everything: Chicken Parmesan

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I love to cook but it is one of those things I can’t make myself do unless I’m cooking for someone else. It used to be my ex-girlfriend, who was the first person to make cooking meat something I considered doable and not totally disgusting. See I was raised in a household where the primary […]

Snow Bird

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For a Boston kid, me and my family never did the whole snowbird thing where we flee from our bitter northeast weather to warmer and welcoming destinations. We typically celebrate the holidays at home – if we go anywhere it’s to visit family who live in as cold (or colder) areas. So this year we […]