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  • BiteOfCrime-Mens
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As the person in charge of Scope‘s visuals and designs I have a lot of fun working on the branding, lines and collections and individual projects. Still, the design process is often a team effort and there are few shirts that I feel comfortable taking the majority of the credit for because I had so much help and great ideas from the team. “Bite of Crime” was one of the designs for the first production run we had in the winter spring of ’10/’11 and it was also the first for our line that I drew by hand. These pig characters are something I draw a lot (you may have noticed) and this was their first entrance into the world of Scope. We have yet to follow up and use the same illustration style for another tee but I have carried them over as villains in the world of the Boston Baked Beans and we do have future designs that go back to this comic style. I also had a full color version of this we may dust off.

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