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This morning I releasesd the first version of a little web based game I have been working on. The game is called Space Cadets and allows you to select a ship and speed of your choice then sit back and cruise. Some of the animations respond to the cursor while others use youtube videos to take you on some fun time lapses. It started after finding some cool Javascript Starfields and from there wanting to frame them in the viewscreen of my favorite starship. One thing led to another and version 0.1 has 10 ships and speeds available to start allowing for some pretty fun combinations. Sure, you could fly Picard’s Enterprise at Warp or a subway car down the old elevated Orange Line but I’ve had the most fun with unexpected combinations… like tripping on fractals with Neil deGrasse Tyson in the Ship of Imagination.

Have fun…

Please send me feedback and suggestions. I plan on adding more ships and scenes in the future.

Space Cadets

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